Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NC Wedding / Engagement Photographer

What a great couple!  I have known Jen for many years and only recently had the pleasure of meeting Ward.  What a great guy and a wonderful match for our friend Jen.  We are so happy for both of them!  We had such a great time doing the engagement shoot that it makes me look forward to the wedding that much more.  Congratulations to this great couple!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Idlewild Photography's New Website and Blog!

After weeks and countless hours in front of the computer (between photo shoots and late nights) we have finally finished our new website(s) and Blog.  I think my youngest son grew 6 inches since I started this process.  Thanks to the folks at Photobiz and a special shout out to Mike Baldwin who helped immensely on this blog layout, I'm finally ready to launch.  Because our business has grown so much we now have the need for two websites.  One for Weddings, Portraits etc and a site dedicated to Corporate and Commercial work.  (Both sites are accessible through the homepage at Idlewild All I can say is, I'm happy to launch.  So, Please be sure to sign up for our blog feeds by entering your email to the left and you can follow us on the continuation of this exciting journey we find ourselves on.  Enjoy!